About Us


Job is a major part of our lives. For that very reason, it is important to use it not only to meet financial needs, but, as well as for that, to create an added value. To make something which we will be proud of. To make that possible, it is necessary to determine the objective, values and principles of work.



It is our objective to care about the highest possible level of provided services because it is only then that we will be able to build a brand being synonymous with the highest quality in the Internet marketing.


Integrity, assiduousness, and also commitment in working for the benefit of customers, are the fundamental values guiding us in our daily work. It is important for us since it is only job well done that can be the source of a real satisfaction.


As a company, not only do we adhere to the principles of ethical business, but, as well, we are aware of corporate social accountability. We tap into all the resources available to us to support charities, and also the needy.

A few words about history...


The first office of the NPROFIT company was merely a single room, the area of which was 27 square meters. It was the first warehouse of an online store that was located there as well. Due to increasing inventories, and also growing workforce, the office was relocated to the premises having the area of 65 square meters. However, it very quickly turned out that this size was not sufficient. After the headcount had reached 6, it was necessary to relocate the office one more time. This time, the premises had the area of more than 120 square meters. Due to our ever growing team (composed of more than ten people), and also technical problems on the premises, we moved to our current location at the end of 2016. Currently, at our disposal there is a building the area of which is several hundred square meters, with its own garden and car park. In the few months since relocating the office, we have managed to recruit 4 more people to join our team.

Key employees

Each employee of our company is unique, and each has an enormous impact on the functioning of our business. However, below we present the profiles of people responsible for managing particular departments of our company.

Kamil Borkowski

W firmie NPROFIT odpowiada za kierowanie i rozwój sklepu internetowego Świat doznań.

Artur Warszycki

Key Account Manager w firmie NPROFIT. Artur odpowiada nawiązywanie relacji z klientami firmy.

Mateusz Surma

Head of Adwords. Mateusz kieruje działem odpowiedzialnym za prowadzenie kampanii linków sponsorowanych.

Rafał Grochala

Head of SEO w firmie NPROFIT. Odpowiada za ustalanie strategii pozycjonowania stron klientów.



We know perfectly well how important stability in conducting business is. For all the years of running a business, we have managed not only to gather an enormous experience, but to build a stable market position as well. You need not fear that the agency providing services for you will disappear, and so will your campaign.

More than ten specialists

Providing services of the highest quality, and also professional customer service, is a task for a team rather than for a single person. We have managed to build a team of specialists, which not only has an enormous experience, but, as well, is developing gradually. Marketing is our passion!


Marketing is a long-range process, which requires many regular actions, constantly adjusted to changing conditions in the search engine. The outstanding commitment of our specialists guarantees an approach to promoting your website in Google with always fresh approach.

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