SEO Audit

Our experts will evaluate Your website and its sorroundings
to prepare exhaustive list of recommendiations

On-page Audit

 Website structure
 Internal linking
&  URL parameters
 Language versions
 Errors 404
 Robots and sitemap
 Source cide
 Rich snippets
 Loading speed

Off-page Audit

 Backlink sources
 Backlinks in time
 Anchors cloud
 Backlink targeting
 PR distribution
 Backlinks to 301 i 404
 References without backlinks
 Search Console configuration
 Errors in Search Console
 Manual penalties
 Algorithmic downgrades
 Disavow Tool
 Off-site strategy

Visibility Audit

 Brand power
 Visibility in TOP3
 in TOP10
 in TOP50
 in TOP100
 3-year visibility
 Visiblity trends
 Queries potential
 Queries conversions
 Queries difficulty
 Clicks per search
 Seasonal traffic
 Biggest competitors
 Content gap
 List of 500 most important queries

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