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We are specialists in implementing a range of varied solutions, which directly influence search visibility. To meet the needs of SEO, we perform analyses, configure tools, modify programs, engage in copywriting, consulting and many other activities. We raise the current positions, and also develop the presence on new search queries.

The result is an increase valuable traffic on your website.


Increasing search visibility means long-term results. High rankings generate a constant inflow of new users, whose loyalty grows in the course of time. The collected data give rise to the conclusion that some people become customers only after coming across a website another time in another query. Also, depending on the quality and profile of a business, once acquired person may become regular customer.

The result is a great return on investment (ROI).

Our approach

The Internet is a dynamic environment. We adapt SEO activities to the situation.

before website launch / for new website / after redesign / during migration
after visibility drop / after drop behind competitors / in seasonal stagnation
before entering new markets / for new language versions / after company expansion

and above all

for the development of Your business.

We begin with visibility audit of website in search results. On its basis, we propose a customized offer assuming increase in the current visibility and pitching new queries entered by prospective customers.

We conduct the comprehensive technical and content analysis of the website. We deliver a document with a list of changes to be implemented, including the ready code and optimized content prepared by us. At the request of a customer, we implement optimization, thanks to an extensive experience with virtually all CMSs available on the market.

By properly preparing the website, we are able to design an effective off-site strategy. We adjust links profile to current requirements of Google. We acquire targeted, fully-controlled links from external domains. We track customer competitors to be a step ahead of them. This is a cyclical and long-term process, constantly (on a weekly basis) adjusted to variable needs.

We regularly verify the optimization using manual and automated reviews. During these activities, our specialists track the domain index, sitemaps, duplicate content and conduct crawl tests. Our software checks everyday domain uptime, presence of the optimization and new alerts from Google.

Throughout the entire SEO process, we precisely report the efforts and their effects. We take care to precisely explain what you invest in.



Above, you will find a chart of customer visibility in TOP3 and TOP10 in the last 18 months. In mid-2016 (central part of the chart) we started the process of SEO. Throughout the period of 9 months, we doubled search visibility, which was resulted in significant revenue increase.

SEO is a long-term investment.


What makes us diffrent?

R & D

We favor hard data, statistics and scientific method. Our professionals design and conduct complex experiments, and apply the conclusions in the process of SEO on a daily basis.


Over the years we have invested a part of our revenue in numerous websites, domains, servers and original software. The infrastructure gives us wide possibilities of testing and support for websites.


We run a shop in the competitive industry so as to understand the mechanisms governing e-commerce in detail. More than half a decade of activity has seen a lot of business problems, which we have learnt to solve.


We know perfectly well how important stability in conducting business is. For all the years of running a business, we have managed not only to gather an enormous experience, but to build a stable market position as well. You need not fear that the agency providing services for you will disappear, and so will your campaign.

More than ten specialists

Providing highest quality services and professional customer service is a task for a team rather than for a single person. We have managed to build a team of specialists, which not only has an enormous experience, but, as well, is developing gradually. Marketing is our passion!


SEO is a long-range process, which requires many regular actions, constantly adjusted to changing conditions in the search engine. The outstanding commitment of our specialists guarantees an approach to promoting your Web site in Google which is always fresh and meets current needs.



Our SEO experts will help start a new chapter in the history of Your business

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