From 6,500 to 12,000 users montly with Google in 9 months

The producer of stylistic cosmetic products, SPA sets and beauty salon equipment started to work with us in June, 2016. Our search engine visibility building specialists took care of relatively new, three-year old, domain which was set up by the customer in order to generate sales. At the moment of signing an agreement, the website was aggregating 6-7 thousand of users from Google a month.


A customer asked to place main emphasis on a competitive, prestigious query entered by 33 000 users monthly. Moreover, it became our task to significantly raise the level of a valuable traffic thanks to building domain authority in general, and succession in case of many well-converting queries.


 Visibility audit
 Website analysis and optimization
 Off-site strategy with our infrastructure use
 Regular reviews of on-site and off-site


Increase on the most important keyword:
4th page (31-40 position) 1st page (4-6 position)

Increase of domain visibility:
874 keywords in TOP50 1617 keywords in TOP50

Increase of traffic from Google:
6443 users monthly 11 933 users monthly








Throughout three months following the beginning of the process of SEO, we observed reaction in the form of a monthly increase in traffic by 45.8%. September, 2016, saw the largest Penguin algorithm update in many years, and it resulted in the loss of half of the gained growth by the website. Algorithmic changes are normal, they have happened many times already, and they will happen in the future, therefore, we have appropriate procedures and numerous tools which guide us in managing such events. After the period of intensified work crowned with introducing a strategy adjusted to the new conditions, in February, 2017, we saw a significant growth in visibility. Finally, in the period of 9 months of the process of SEO, the growth in a monthly traffic at the level of 85% was achieved. The initial 6-7 thousands of users reaching the customer with the use of the search engine turned into 12 thousands.

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