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Advantages of our services:

Pay only for results

It is certain that one of the greatest assets of the Google Adwords campaigns is the settlement model in use. We pay only for the visits of users interested in our offer. Of course, Google offers other settlement models as well, however, pay-per-click is the dominant one.


The foundation of an effective sponsored links campaign is optimizing it. Testing various advertising contents, excluding key words of low quality, or even optimizing adverts emitting in terms of choosing the most effective time, is just the foretaste of the opportunities.

Measuring results

Thanks to appropriate configuring of objectives, and also using the Google Analytics services, we are fully able to measure the effectiveness of conducted campaigns. We are able to determine what query directed a user who sent a contact form to us, or, in case of the online store, how much money he paid for the purchase.

Case Study - Google Adwords

The question above is asked by our customers very frequently. For that very reason, we have decided to show how a sponsored link campaign works in our online store.

We invite you to make yourself familiar with the adjacent case study of the Świat doznań online store, in which we showed how, thanks to the Google search engine, 800,000 PLN in revenue on high-margin products was generated.

How much does Google Adwords cost?

A cost of clicking ranges from several tens of grosz to as much as more than ten PLN in the most competitive industries. However, most frequently it costs several tens of grosz to acquire a prospective customer.





Google Adwords uses the system of auctions. The more competing companies join the fight for high positions in sponsored links, the higher rate per click is.

Quality score

Each advertising campaign is assessed by Google with the use of scale from 1 to 10. The following criteria are considered: the quality of the prepared campaign, the target Web page, and even the predicted number of clicks on adverts. The higher the result, the lower rate per click. For that very reason, it is important to develop the Google Adwords campaigns professionally.

Account history

For the Google, the Adwords account history matters as well. The frequent blocking of campaigns, or even low results in terms of quality, may have an adverse influence on conducted campaigns. A good account history means better rates per click for us, therefore, it is good to look after it.

Importance of quality score


An illustrative chart located next to this text shows the correlation of costs and the results in terms of quality. It was drawn up on the basis of a key word for which the average rate per click amounts to 1 PLN.


In case of receiving the lowest grade by our advert, we will pay about 4 PLN per click. After raising the assessment to 7, we will pay only 0,72 PLN per click. This value is below the one suggested by Google. It is worth mentioning as well that the campaigns conducted by us are usually assessed as being at the levels of 7-10.

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Why cooperate with us?

The experience acquired for 7 years prevents us from having to learn in the course of your campaign. We ensure the visibility of several hundred of companies in a search engine. We know perfectly how to prepare a Google Adwords campaigns in order to make it sell more effectively. We constantly conduct the tests of new solutions so as to be one step ahead of the competition all the time as well.




We know perfectly well how important stability in conducting business is. For all the years of running a business, we have managed not only to gather an enormous experience, but to build a stable market position as well. You need not fear that the agency providing services for you will disappear, and so will your campaign.

More than ten specialists

Providing services of the highest quality and professional customer service is a task for a team rather than for a single person. We have managed to build a team of specialists, which not only has an enormous experience, but, as well, is developing gradually. Marketing is our passion!


Marketing is a long-range process, which requires many regular actions, constantly adjusted to changing conditions in the search engine. The outstanding commitment of our specialists guarantees an approach to promoting your Web site in Google which is always fresh and meets current needs.

Who performs our campaigns?


Conducting effective campaigns requires expertise in many different fields. For that very reason, your campaign is managed by the entire team rather than a single person.


We are of the opinion that specialization is the foundation of success. A person responsible for contact and preparing contents, launching a campaign, and then for optimizing it, will never be able to become a specialist.

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